Tools 46235 Exhibit at Galeria Magnifica


It is tempting to try mapping out the opening scene where we get a sweeping view of the landscape and of time. I want to describe 46235 to you, bring you in a little closer, show you through rich detail how Galeria Magnifica is located behind gum ball machines, wedged between a nail salon and a currency exchange window. I want to describe the smells spilling out of the case of fresh-baked Mexican breads and cakes. I want to talk about language, the sound of it as it is spoken, the look of it as it is written word by word. The act and art of translation is near the center of the Tools 46235 exhibit starting today inside the pocket gallery inside Superior Market at 38th and Mitthoeffer Road.

If you come by you’ll find only toy tools for the little children crawling over their siblings to get at the flavored ices. You’ll also find some remarkable stories, penned by 46235 Tools Artists, that involve soap boxes and lawn mowers, brains and money, technology and humor, the human hand and an open mind. Telling others what matters to you is ultimately an intimate and complex endeavor. I’ve found something honorable in learning to listen to voices on the outskirts of Indy. I’m pretty sure that this part of town isn’t considered a cultural destination by most folks? But, in fact, culture is being forged here, one step, using one tool, at a time.