Performing real stories in artificial settings


Most of the time Dante and I are coaching someone that is preparing for a performance, we are focused on helping them tell their authentic story in an engaging way. We explore the balance of keeping the story real while making adjustments for the artificial setting of a stage. Let’s admit it, it feels weird to project your voice and plan your next cross of the stage, when you are sharing a quiet, vulnerable moment from your life. But performance isn’t just about what happens on stage. Performance is also about what happens in the audience. Audiences are having an experience. They are thinking and feeling and responding. Performers and speakers have to develop their theatre skills in order to truly honor the stories they tell, and to respect the audience that is listening. Voice projection, enunciation, physical gestures, moving around the stage, these things are just as important as the content of the story.


Over the years Dante and I have prepared performers for a variety of settings including large theatres, small black boxes, big conference sessions, and little classrooms. If you would like us to help you develop your performance skills, contact us through this website. We would love to work with you.