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About Us

Since 2000, we have worked with teachers, students, business leaders, non-profits, and city governments to conceptualize, develop, and launch projects focused on community engagement and leadership development.

On-Site Education & Training

The TOI has a long-standing partnership with the Indianapolis Symphony to provide create, collaborative experiences for Indiana students. TOI also works with non-profits and corporate partners, creating customized programming built around creative problem solving, critical thinking, and design process.

Projects & Presentations

Artists at heart, Dante and Rebecca have always worked on large, collaborative installations and projects, such as The Petal Project for Indianapolis’ Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee, and small intimate projects such as Dante’s artist salon. The Theater of Inclusion has also worked on more intimate showings in community galleries as well as the Indiana […]

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Museums in my Mind

When I was a kid and wasn’t feeling well my mom used to recite from memory a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson entitled “The Land of Counterpane”. It begins: “When I was sick and lay a-bed, I had two pillows at my head, And all my toys beside me lay, To keep me happy all […]


The Artist Teaching Herself

I’m pretty sure the science shows we all have a default setting that we learn by doing and teach by example. We crave direct experience that puts us into meaningful contact with each other and makes us more aware of our own insights. When we learn we teach ourselves. When we are caught in the […]


Daylight Savings Time as Timelessness

The clock on the wall of my studio tells me that it is 8:12. A week ago at this time it would have been 7:12. This large clock, that also shows temperature and humidity, is run by a little double A battery and its hands, its hours, its minutes and seconds are not connected to […]


Showing Up

Sitting across from me in the coffee shop is my 95 year old father reciting lyrics from a song that matters to him today. The song was written 65 years ago but for my dad it could have been released an hour ago. He’s been doing this my whole life. Making the moment shamelessly timeless. […]


Boxed Water and Art

“Can we go to the museum” is the text I receive, without a question mark, from my 12-year old daughter. “Yes” is my reply without period. I know there isn’t much there but the seven word exchange has my attention. By the time I arrive at school to pick her up she jumps into the […]



“Despite the sunshine…” is a little phrase buried inside today’s weather alert from the Weather Channel. Outside I’m in my shirt sleeves shoveling snow to create a path between my house and my studio. It is about 150 feet. I had plenty of other stuff to do today. I woke before dawn with my to […]


Tools 46235 Exhibit at Galeria Magnifica

It is tempting to try mapping out the opening scene where we get a sweeping view of the landscape and of time. I want to describe 46235 to you, bring you in a little closer, show you through rich detail how Galeria Magnifica is located behind gum ball machines, wedged between a nail salon and […]


Performing real stories in artificial settings

Most of the time Dante and I are coaching someone that is preparing for a performance, we are focused on helping them tell their authentic story in an engaging way. We explore the balance of keeping the story real while making adjustments for the artificial setting of a stage. Let’s admit it, it feels weird […]


Theater Theatre

“What are the ambitious questions? What are the questions that are big enough that you are probably going to need a whole team to answer? Questions that are so big that the answers haven’t been created yet?” These sentences were spoken by my Theater of Inclusion collaborator, Rebecca King, a couple months ago at the […]