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About Us

Since 2000, we have worked with teachers, students, business leaders, non-profits, and city governments to conceptualize, develop, and launch projects focused on community engagement and leadership development.

On-Site Education & Training

The TOI has a long-standing partnership with the Indianapolis Symphony to provide create, collaborative experiences for Indiana students. TOI also works with non-profits and corporate partners, creating customized programming built around creative problem solving, critical thinking, and design process.

Projects & Presentations

Artists at heart, Dante and Rebecca have always worked on large, collaborative installations and projects, such as The Petal Project for Indianapolis’ Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee, and small intimate projects such as Dante’s artist salon. The Theater of Inclusion has also worked on more intimate showings in community galleries as well as the Indiana […]

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(My father) Dante Linne Ventresca (1920-2017)

Dante L. spinning LPs at Hubbard & Cravens Coffee, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2011, photo by Sara Adams.


Honeysuckle Blossoms on Skateboard

Who can truly listen to someone who is lost in their creative process? The artist has a project – right? To find a way to let her little light shine? Everyone of us, like the artist, faces this dilemma everyday. Each one of us possesses some lovely fragment of a greater mystery. And this piece […]



“Folderology” (not found in any dictionary) is a Theater of Inclusion made up term used to describe the work we do with file folders. For years file folders as art making and installation materials have been part of our work and we’ve recently brought them into the classroom – in this case the hallway. We […]


Vidal Sassoon and Fall Creek

After scanning through brief words from Thomas Edison, George Bernard Shaw, and Bruce Lee I settled on a quote from Vidal Sassoon – “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” I held my phone up to display the quote to my daughter who promptly asked, through a mouthful of blueberry […]


From the Archive

In the third week of August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States killing 1,836 people. A few months later Rebecca and I were working on a project in Mobile, Alabama. We drove along the coast from Mobile to New Orleans and found the devastation still intact: missing towns, washed out […]


M. Ramirez

There is absolutely nothing wrong in thinking about your life as an evolving work of art. Seriously, I won’t go into it here but if you explored “conceptual art” you’d easily find the stuff you think about in your spare time passing as art. I’m not putting you or conceptual art down. Actually, I mean […]


The Amazement is Here

The creative process is an experience the mind produces. It’s not something “out there” somewhere. It’s not a thing to go after. It’s woven into our brain functioning. It’s always present. Most of us lack an awareness of this simple truth. We call some people “creatives”. We talk about a “creative class” of people. But […]


Wish You Were Here

I wish all of you could see this happening – young artists at work. Creative liberty is the intuitive goal driving the production of art here. And, of course, not one kid in our after school studio would describe it this way. But our job isn’t to wait until they can wrap language around their […]


Big Deal Hands

Hands are a big deal. This past summer Rebecca and I worked on a public mural, commissioned by Indiana Sports Corp for USA Diving. This was to commemorate the 2016 USA Olympic Diving Team Trials. The event took place here in Indy at the IU Natatorium during the month of June. Rebecca and I set […]