Considering Smiling as a Skill


My Sign: “Team, Family, and Friends”

Sign Journal Entry: “This is about the great fullness of me. These are the people who stand up for you and have your back when times get tough. They make you happy when you are sad and when you are so mad you can’t help but to smile when they try to cheer you up. It is a joy to be around someone like this. Let me dig deep into this part. When you have the worst day of your life your friends come up to you and ask are you OK? You say you are OK with a smile on your face but they know that your heart is frowning. So they tell you that they know you are sad. But you say, “It’s too late. You already made me smile.” Smiling – Let me dig deep into this. When you smile it is contagious. As soon as you smile at someone you just gave them a gift to pass-on to another person. It’s the best gift you could ever give someone.”

– Kipp Student (fifth grade)