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Woman in White Coat with Plastic Bag Opening Public Library Door

Group Portrait, Polaroid Photograph, Children’s After School Program, Haight Ashbury Community Coalition, July 1985. Taken on the front steps of the Park Branch Public Library, 1833 Page Street, San Francisco, CA.


Considering Smiling as a Skill

My Sign: “Team, Family, and Friends” Sign Journal Entry: “This is about the great fullness of me. These are the people who stand up for you and have your back when times get tough. They make you happy when you are sad and when you are so mad you can’t help but to smile when […]


Here From the Start to the End

One of our projects takes place in a neighborhood that is re-imagining itself. With Rebecca and I students create signs that express unique perspectives and authentic voices. Instead of advertising quick food or get out of debt schemes these signs point to emergent and timeless values that are growing on the insides of these students. […]