Tools: Sarah Adams


On May 8, 2014, the Tools exhibit took place at the Big Car Service Center. This piece is by Sarah Adams.

In the era of do-it-yourselfers, my Corner Vice remains the single most important tool proclaiming my profession.

It expects perfection and if received, delivers perfection.  My corner vices strictly allow for 90o angles assembled from 2 sticks of moulding cut at precise 45o angles.  Those sticks must be walked to the sanding disc for further refinement for, as they say, “garbage in, garbage out.”   The corner vice demands 2 perfect 45o angles to produce it’s professional 90o angled picture frame.

Anything less or more than a perfect cut results in the need for a shameful amount of putty or other filler, declaring my incompetence.

No.  My corner vices make me the professional picture framer I am.  Nothing less will do.  I depend upon them daily and they respond in kind.

 Sarah Adams