Summer Camp


One dream project of mine is to establish an open studio practice wherever people gather – every office, school, mall, factory – every community hub, sports facility, detention center, – every theatre, museum, and business incubator. Over the years Rebecca and I developed a studio starter kit. Everything you need for a studio fits into a single 26″ tool box from Sears. We distill the creative process down to its essentials – accessible, easy to use, materials and methods. Making things should be straight-forward because learning to listen to yourself can be pretty difficult.

An open studio is like a gym for creativity. Each individual is searching out her own right stuff, strengthening her expressive voice, being surprised by other people’s brilliance. The way forward may involve writing, drawing, picture taking. It could mean singing, discovering a sound, or looking for what no one else has thought to look for. An open studio is where you learn to follow your creative impulses as a matter of routine. It is a place full of inspiring moments.

We run a summer day camp at The Orchard School using an open studio format. To get to Orchard’s Summer Camp Catalog click on the image above. In this PDF you will find TOI’s camp entitled “Make and Think” on page ten. At the back of the catalog there is a registration form you can print out and send in. All attending will leave with a better grasp of their expressive power and a plan for creating an open studio at home.