The Student in Us


Who can say what deeply moves a student? By “student” I mean any of us going about our days, doing the work we do, wondering about the things and people we encounter. There is a student inside each of us. An outside-the-box questioner who keeps most of those questions to herself.

After just a couple of hours of living we have amassed some considerable amount of material to chew on. For example: Here is the most recent post, the item added to the to do list, the minor accident requiring a bandaid. Here is the short conversation at the coffee shop, the awkward encounter at the four way stop, and the bicyclist we have seen plodding along in the dark morning moving us toward the start of our day.

We see things, make mental notes, move in and out of experiences. Much of this existence may come across as familiar or bland. But beauty and innovation is in the eye and mind of the beholder. We still would like to have a song or a smell to sum up our feelings for us. However, the act of seizing the day is now in our own hands.

The student in us loves examples. She goes to the park, the museum, finds or makes cupcakes. She is thinking about actually sitting down and writing a letter in long hand and sending it through the mail service – just for emphasis. Her feelings matter. Finding ways of expressing those feelings matter deeply. The student is always busy trying to put things together and to make connections. She is all about finding authentic ways of investing herself in the moment.