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Indy Loves You: Downtown

If you walk out of the Starbucks on Monument Circle, at the center of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and cast your gaze to the east toward the City Market what you’ll see the ubiquitous street scene. The details are made up of “pedestrians”, automobiles and trucks looking for parking spaces, a jumble of street lights, store […]


Central Library and the Grand Canyon

Standing on the south rim of the Grand Canyon with my father a few years back he commented, “It’s too big.” My dad doesn’t know how to sip a moment. He gulps down places as if he were dying of thirst for experience. And if the experience of a place is too big to fit […]


The Student in Us

Who can say what deeply moves a student? By “student” I mean any of us going about our days, doing the work we do, wondering about the things and people we encounter. There is a student inside each of us. An outside-the-box questioner who keeps most of those questions to herself. After just a couple […]