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About Us

Since 2000, we have worked with teachers, students, business leaders, non-profits, and city governments to conceptualize, develop, and launch projects focused on community engagement and leadership development.

On-Site Education & Training

The TOI has a long-standing partnership with the Indianapolis Symphony to provide create, collaborative experiences for Indiana students. TOI also works with non-profits and corporate partners, creating customized programming built around creative problem solving, critical thinking, and design process.

Projects & Presentations

Artists at heart, Dante and Rebecca have always worked on large, collaborative installations and projects, such as The Petal Project for Indianapolis’ Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee, and small intimate projects such as Dante’s artist salon. The Theater of Inclusion has also worked on more intimate showings in community galleries as well as the Indiana […]

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Student Object

Work produced by a artist-scholar-camper at Dyslexia Institute of Indiana’s Camp Delafield during an open studio session of creating in flow.


M. Garcia Torres

Screen shot on my phone taken while using the “Illusion Brought Me Here” augmented reality app and artwork by Mario Garcia Torres during my visit to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis on Friday. I cried.


Woman in White Coat with Plastic Bag Opening Public Library Door

Group Portrait, Polaroid Photograph, Children’s After School Program, Haight Ashbury Community Coalition, July 1985. Taken on the front steps of the Park Branch Public Library, 1833 Page Street, San Francisco, CA.


(My father) Dante Linne Ventresca (1920-2017)

Dante L. spinning LPs at Hubbard & Cravens Coffee, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2011, photo by Sara Adams.


Honeysuckle Blossoms on Skateboard

Who can truly listen to someone who is lost in their creative process? The artist has a project – right? To find a way to let her little light shine? Everyone of us, like the artist, faces this dilemma everyday. Each one of us possesses some lovely fragment of a greater mystery. And this piece […]



“Folderology” (not found in any dictionary) is a Theater of Inclusion made up term used to describe the work we do with file folders. For years file folders as art making and installation materials have been part of our work and we’ve recently brought them into the classroom – in this case the hallway. We […]